3D Everyday Greeting cards and Products

Producing high quality lenticular 3D effects requires the combination of the most sophisticated high-tech optics, computer graphics, state of the art colour separation, and printing skills. We have them all, ensuring the production of an awesome 3D image time after time.

Our 3D lenticular portfolio includes greeting cards, packaging, wall & floor panels, puzzles, and various other gift and stationery products.

Recently we have taken the 3D lenticular process to yet another level. We have combined foil and 3D lenticular printing together in spectacular fashion! By combining these two techniques we’ve created a new two-step 3D effect within the design and with it, we can further maintain our
leading position in the 3D lenticular printing arena.

Please contact us for more detailed information, leaflets, and samples.

3D Everyday Greeting Cards

and Products